Our Scents


Our products keep your beard conditioned, nourished plus it has amazing  softening qualities.  Plus your beard will be left beautifully scented to boot, with our delicious fragrances:



A masculine scent you will be asked about again and again. It's rich and leathery, yet it has a comforting warm sweetness. Steeped in history, this manly scent was born from centuries ago Caribbean Sailors, this incredibly unique and wonderful fragrance quickly spread to the rest of the world. Timeless classic. 



For the ultimate all-sensory wake up call opt for Bergamot. It's a refreshing combo of Sicilian lemons, freshness, citrus and energy. Did you know Bergamot has been used in aromatherapy to treat depression? – so turn that frown upside down!



There is something about the smell of fresh roasted coffee that is incredibly decadent and rich. Warm, deep and delicious but beautifully subtle.



A seductive and alluringly moreish scent with dark and warm masculine notes. Full-bodied, sweet and smoky.



Close your eyes and you will experience a forest full of cedar trees. Warm, woodsy and intensely masculine scent. A fabulous scent for a cold and miserable winter day. It makes you feel as if your cocooned in a personal invisible pocket of soft warm cozyness.



Inspired by the miles of beach-front coastline and elements that surrounds the beautiful British Isles. Driftwood encapsulates a crisp, clean, fresh scent on a warm day; open and bright, vibrant and warm. Inspired by driftwood, pure clean air, open skies and natural sea salt. This combination produces a modern and contemporary fragrance for men.



A new blend, which has a contemporary twist and is an interpretation of a classical scent. Deliciously crisp, bright and refreshing.



Lush, sweet, earthy, warm all at the same time and it instantly evokes heavenly memories of summer time in full swing. The sweet scent of freshly cut grass is rather addictive to sniff!



Fresh; earthy; relaxing, Irish Moss is a soothing fragrance with a natural clean masculine scent.



This Lavender absolute scent is divine. It's beautifully subtle, lightly sweet,refined and delicious. That said, let's not forget the final and most arguably most pertinent benefit, you'll smell magically delicious all day too!



Nothing quite beats the delectable distinct scent of soft well worn leather, think leather Bentley seats. And like a fine glass of scotch leather only gets better with time. It's comforting, natural, primitive and sensual all rolled into one. Not overwhelming, lusciously subtle.



Evokes old Clipper Ships, Sweet Caribbean Rum, Captain’s Wheels and Exotic Spices. It has a spicy top note with subtle mahogany undertones. This is a gorgeously enticing fragrance.



A comforting musky aroma. It's an alluring, exotic scent. An unashamedly masculine fragrance, full of depth. It has a distinctive presence without being overpowering.



Not only does Neroli smell exquisite, but it is one of the few essential oils to be scientifically proven to increase serotonin production in the brain; it makes us feel contented and cheerful. Our Neroli blend is intoxicating, fresh, beautiful and sophisticated, it is the epitome of summer in a bottle. Created for the true scent connoisseur and it’s the perfect equilibrium between tradition and modernity.



The inspiration behind this fragrance is a deliciously comforting scent of a aged oak-barrel whiskey. Intoxicating deep and smoky yet mellow and warm. This whiskey-woody-amber scent will wrap you in its narcotic honey embrace for hours.



Mysteriously enchanting, with rich, fresh, soft, clean notes. Deliciously masculine with a delicate sweet and rich undertone.



Modelled on luxury motors, beautifully constructed and timeless. Raceday has a blend of black pepper, patchouli and sandalwood with a distinctly sweet leathery aroma.



Imagine yourself floating leisurely down the river on a warm summer day! This oil has a soothing, fresh, crisp scent that you will just love! A favourite among men and women.



Greeted with almost universal praise by every nose that inhales it’s intoxicating scent, this scent is a quintessential summer must-have. If you're after a summer fragrance that will see you into evening but aren't a citrus fan, go for this uniquely exotic blend.



Purifying and uplifting while staying brisk and refreshing. Fresh; relaxing;modern; indulgent, Rosemary is a soothing fragrance with a clean, masculine scent.



One fragrance that needs no introduction. This woody fragrance is masculine, vibrant, spicy and very seductive. Smell-wise, it's a deeply warm and elegant scent that is “lust at first sniff!”



Clean and delicately scented. Deliciously refreshing and energising, this mouth-watering citrus scent is fast becoming a cult classic. Sourced directly from Italy.



Instantly addictive this scent is sweet and succulent fragrance, reminds me of warm bright days and brings back memories of the sunshine.



An exotic and high end classy scent. It conjures scenes of far distant spice markets, piled high with colourful spices, tempting all the senses.



Get out of bed on the right side with this fragrance. An irresistibly fresh fragrance to make you feel awakened and refreshed. Steel has an appealing invigorating, clean and cool aroma.



Fine mellow tobacco with a hint of earthy amber infused blends together to produce a perfectly smooth velvety ever evolving scent. Not overwhelming just masculine, refreshing and soothing.



No fuss, no fragrance, for straightforward men.



Has been used the centuries as an aphrodisiac, often dubbed The Love Potion. Vetiver is the James Bond of evening fragrances. Perfect for date night. Classy, luxurious and sophisticated, for the discerning gentleman.



Inspired by the scents of summer walks in the woods. It incorporates the earthy, mossy smells of the forest floor with tree bark, tree needles,and soft floral notes. Gorgeously fresh, crisp and refreshing.