Product Ethos


We are passionate animal lovers here at The Bearded Man Company.  We really love animals.  We don’t test on them (and we never will).

We take great care to ensure our products are free of unnecessary ingredients that may pose health risks for people, pets, marine life, and the planet.   

We're very proud members of PETA, People of the Ethnical Treatment of Animals.  We believe it’s a incredible movement, and it’s one we support to the fullest.  We believe in what they’re doing, and are honoured to help strengthen their efforts.  PETA has verified that neither is nor our ingredient suppliers conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished products.



And we strongly believe that the rising awareness of alternatives to conventional beauty testing through education and advocating for better alternatives.

Our aim is to make available a truly natural and healthy alternative to beard grooming products, create minimal impact on mother earth, and encourage a healthy lifestyle for both people and their animals.



We're different from most beard brands. We're pioneers who think that beauty products should contribute to your life, not compromise it. We seek out the best, most effective natural ingredients across the globe.

Inside of our pursuit to change the way society views beardsmen, we've formulated and developed premium products that help keep our beards, hair and skin, healthy, luscious, and ready to show off to the world. But beyond just giving our customers products that we feel are beneficial to their aesthetic improvement, we are proud to say that we are meticulous about the ingredients we use.

Synthetic ingredients and potentially harmful chemicals have no place in the products we use on our skin and beard every day. Naturally derived ingredients are biocompatible with our skin and can deliver stunning results! We are committed to using natural and nontoxic ingredients for health and for the results they deliver, not so that we can advertise ourselves as “green” for marketing purposes.


Owning the research, development and production process from start to finish ensures high quality every step of the way. We manufacture in small batches in our beautiful Kent laboratory so that our products are as fresh as possible when they get to your doorstep. Most competitors outsource the manufacturing of their products to cut costs but we love producing them ourselves, and believe that the process is part of the pleasure of creation.

We understand different people have different needs, so we aim to be as transparent as possible across the board. It starts by putting our ingredient list on all of our product pages on our site and allowing customers to see what is in our products before they place an order.  

The fragrances we use are naturally derived. There are unhealthy aspects within the world of fragrances with blends that aren't as desirable to use, but we pride ourselves on using natural ingredients that stand out from the crowd and are safe.

Additionally, we also strive to use ingredients that minimize animal suffering. While we aren't within strict vegan guidelines, our goal is to offer transparency to which ingredients are derived from animals, which are “vegetarian” (doesn’t result in the death of the animal - beeswax, lanolin, etc) and which are “vegan.”

So take stock in the fact that we are dedicated to delivering you, the consumer, the absolute highest quality product possible that promises to work in harmony with your body - from your hair to your skin. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to bringing you more great products in the future!

Martin Archer