Bearded Man

003 The Bearded Man Company Gents Beard Pick Comb


Handmade comb that has been commissioned to meticulous detail specifically for purpose. Perfect for any discerning bearded chap that likes the finer things in life.

Come in from a different angle with a Bearded Man Company large beard pick comb.

We've beefed up the size and construction to tackle larger beards. Features long and widely spaced teeth, this comb is ideal for medium to long beards.

The 003 comb allows you to tackle your long, thick beard with ease. As your beards grows, so does your grooming needs.

Once a beard has reached a certain length, you'll want to transition from our 001 or 002 combs to this.

Not only will this glide through with ease, it will help detangle those gnarly, unruly tangles.

The comb is manufactured from ebonite vulcanised rubber to ensure that your comb is made as tough as possible. Superbly balanced with just the right amount of weight, the comb fits perfectly in the hand and makes for an easy grip comb.

Stay Groomed. Stay Handsome.

Manufactering Process

This comb is masterfully crafted; from cutting to polishing, each comb is entirely manufactured by hand. Which results in ultra smooth tapered teeth and rounded tips that ensures maximium comfort and care for your beard and face.

The manufactering factory is owner managed, by the original family that established it, now in its fourth generation since 1905.


100% Hand Made in Germany

Saw cut teeth and rounded tips.

Gentle to the beard and face.

Heat Resistant.

Dimensions:153mm x 27mm


Ebonite Rubber.



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